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Neo Banking Solution

Run your business smarter, better, together With Open

Open is a neo banking platform that works in partnership with banks to reimagine banking for your business.

Open helps in running your business & finances (i.e., invoicing, collecting payments via payment gateways, making bulk payouts, ace expense management, book-keeping, and banking) TOGETHER!

How Open Business Banking can benefit your business:
Connect your existing bank accounts to your Open account
Get a complete overview of your entire cashflow on ONE dashboard
Track & view all bank statements at one go, no need to login for each account
Make direct payouts to employees or vendors, single or bulk, in minutes
Withdraw money from your Open account by transferring from linked bank accounts
Help business owner's & entrepreneurs manage business finances the smart way

Why Choose Open Money Neo Banking Online Tool & Software Licenses  ?

Real-Time Reporting: With the banking solution you will get all useful insights about business banking in just a few clicks with our mobile app. Our banking solution is designed specifically to keep our consumers updated with the details of their bank account.

Easy Creation of Account: You can easily create an account anywhere, anytime in just a few simple steps. Get away from all the hassles of opening a bank account and visiting the bank.

Custom Dashboard: It keep  the consumers updated with their balance in their account, the status of all deposited money, and other useful information & tool access in real-time.

We aim’s to transform the traditional banking methods in collaboration with Open Money as their Channel Partner.Neo banking solution is a more simplified way of banking that makes every aspect of financial operations easy. It offers a host of banking solutions, all in one platform. Get all your banking and accounting needs served by Open Money with us.

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